Graffic Jam Brand Identity

Creative Jamming

As a small but global creative multimedia agency, Graffic Jam are streamlined and able to customise their team to meet the specific needs of each project. Influenced by the definition of a ‘musical jam’, a meeting of creative minds in an unrestricted setting combined with a select list of national and international creative talent, their clients receive a scalable, tailored team via a single managed channel.

Illustrating the jam as a primary visual, studioish incorporated the GJ initials within the negative space, creating a striking logo that is versatile and highlights the collaborative nature of the agency as a whole.

Graffic Jam


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Don’t just take our word for it…

Adam has been working with our organisation as a Senior 2D Designer since its inception in 2016 and has always been our “go to” Designer for our 2D design requirements proving an invaluable part of our Creative offering to our clients. Working in the heavily pressurised “live” environment of events where attention to detail, a speedy response and an impactful Creative delivery is expected on a daily basis, it's extremely difficult to find people who have the dedication, focus, creativity and attention to detail that Adam has so innately. We are very lucky and proud to have Adam as part of our Creative team as he has exceptional talent, a focussed considered approach and an eye for detail that’s incredibly rare to find in one person these days.

Adrian MiskellyCreative Director, Graffic Jam