UnTap Boston

for Biogen Idec

As the theme for an event hosted by Biogen Idec, ‘UnTap Boston’ was created as a Bar-style meeting area, providing delegates with an insight to Boston focusing on science, technology and inspirational women.

Biogen Idec is a biotechnology company specialising in research and manufacture of drugs for neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders and cancer.

Tasting Cards

Offered to each delegate, the tasting cards hold a space for individual local beers. When placed on the mat, the beer’s characteristics and identity are highlighted by key words surrounding each tasting glass.

Beantown Bar

Utilising the same key word style as the beer tasting cards, the backdrop to the ‘Beantown Bar’ illustrates the type of content focused at the delegates over the course of the event.

Event Guide

Provided to each delegate, the event guide gave a direct schedule of events enabling easy access to the various subjects available during the event.

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